Friday’s Poet


This page tells you all about Friday’s Poet, a place where young people can submit their best poetry for guest post publication on my blog, Blogging Story.

Here’s how it works. On the first Friday of each month, I will feature a young poet on Blogging Story. Submissions are currently open!

What To Submit

I’m looking for original poems that embody what it means to be growing up you in today’s world. You can take this idea anywhere! Ultimately, vivid imagery, fresh language, unbeatable lyricism, and a whole lot of heart will land you a spot on Friday’s Poet.

Who Can Submit?

Young people ages 13-21 can submit to Friday’s Poet. I encourage poets of any and every background to submit and will work to feature a diverse range of poets.

How to Submit

Send your original poem*, a photo of you or a photo you took that can go with your poem, and a short bio that includes your name, age, favorite poet, and anything about you that you’d like readers to know to laura AT lauraojedamelchor DOT com. Submissions will be read and selected in the order they are received. I’ll do my best to respond personally to each one. If you are chosen for a Friday’s Poet guest post, I will send an email to congratulate you and tell you which Friday’s Poet day will feature your poem.

*You retain all publishing rights for your work whether or not you are selected for a Friday’s Poet slot.

What Do Guest Posters Receive?

  • Publication as Friday’s Poet guest posters on Laura Ojeda Melchor’s blog and immediate social media promotion on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • The valuable experience of working through the submissions process. You’ll do it many times in your life as a writer and poet!
  • The knowledge that you’ve contributed a quality piece of poetry to the world.
  • You can include this publication on your résumé when you’re applying for colleges and jobs.

What Do You Know About Poetry?

First and foremost, I’m a lover of poetry. There’s nothing like a poem to immerse you in a moment or a feeling or a space in time and make you feel and see things you never thought you could. Some of my favorite poets are:

I’m always finding poetry in my own life, too. Two years ago I took a poetry workshop during my MFA in Writing program at Vermont College of Fine Arts. The fantastic author and poet Sharon Darrow led the workshop and taught us how to emulate great poets in the making of our own new work. My friend and author Ann Malaspina compiled the poems we wrote and printed them in the chapbook Sound Against Dark: A Collection of Poems by Sharon Darrow’s Poetry Workshop. Two of my poems made it into the chapbook.

What If I’ve Never Written a Poem Before?

Everyone starts somewhere! Get yourself a fresh sheet of paper and a pencil and let the words that come into your mind flow onto the paper. Below, I’ve listed online resources to help you get started.

  • For an educational perspective on what poetry is, check out this Scholastic article.
  • Here’s’s guide to writing a poem.
  • Here’s another helpful resource on how to get started writing a good poem.
  • Once you’re ready to think deeply about your poem and revise it, see the 10 fantastic tips here.
  • Here’s a page with all kinds of resources for understanding and writing poetry.

Happy writing! I look forward to seeing your poem in my inbox.

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