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Includes posts I wrote in my year of blogging, interviews with authors, and fabulous student poetry.

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    Life Music

    Today’s poem comes to us from Deidra Nez, a high school student at Holbrook Indian School in Holbrook, Arizona. Deidra wrote a beautiful and wise bio to complement her poem. I think many can relate to how deeply music affects her life. Please join me in welcoming her to Friday’s Poet! LIFE: During the time I was writing this poem I looked back on all the negatives and all the positives, and so I expressed myself through these understanding words, so others can understand me. MUSIC: Music was what inspired me to write this, because I love music, all different types of music. One common thing they have is it…

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    Autumn Alliteration

    Today’s poem comes to us from Luke Nelson, our first Friday’s Poet contributor. Luke isĀ 17 years old and living in Visalia, California, where he attends University Preparatory High School. He loves writing poetry and short stories when he gets the opportunity, especially for the school magazine. Autumn Alliteration Falling Floating Fluttering Drifting drowsily down Swooping Spinning Stopping The leaf lands lightly on the ground Treading Tromping Trekking Striding swiftly straight Plodding Prancing Parading The deer with his graceful gait Whispering Whining Winding Chilling cowardly cold Blustering Breathing Blowing Noses being nipped and trolled Thank you for reading this poem—and give it an out-loud read it if you haven’t already. It’s…

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    They Still Need Us

    We were inside the house, my twenty-two month old son and me, and he seemed happy. We’d traveled all the previous day to get to Walla Walla, Washington for my sister’s graduation from university and both of us were ready for bed. Then, from far off, a rooster crowed. My son instantly started to cry. A terrified, gasping cry that would not be calmed. This had been happening all day: each time the rooster crowed, Abel wept. I cursed the rooster, but even then I knew it wasn’t its fault Abel was terrorized. It was mine. Upon arriving in Walla Walla the evening before, I had handed my son off…

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    Why We Should All Let Our Characters Fail: Lessons from THIS IS US

    I don’t know about you, but I’m the worst at tolerating life’s in-betweens. The last week before I had my baby? Torturous, made worse by an ear infection and fears about the baby’s wellbeing. The last week before getting married, moving to Oklahoma, and then moving to Alaska—they’re all the same story. I am an impatient person and in-betweens torture me. This last month, I was in such an in-between. Along with the rest of my immediate family, I was waiting to move into our brand-new house. The closing date kept moving just out of reach, and there came a point when I couldn’t organize or get rid of any…

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    A Tale of Two Moose

    A Few Days Ago… My son and I had just finished our daily mile run, he in his stroller and I huffing and puffing behind it. We still had to walk all the way back home, but first we would stop and rest and say hello to our favorite horse. We were past the corner of Idle Drive and Tranquility Lane, where this lovely old horse lives in a pasture, Pioneer Peak as a backdrop. My son loves this horse. I love this horse. We hadn’t seen him all winter and it felt like we were greeting an old friend. We squealed and talked to him while he munched hay…