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Sunset in the Arizona desert near Sedona.
Today’s poem comes to us from Deidra Nez, a high school student at Holbrook Indian School in Holbrook, Arizona. Deidra wrote a beautiful and wise bio to complement her poem. I think many can relate to how deeply music affects her life. Please join me in welcoming her to Friday’s Poet!
LIFE: During the time I was writing this poem I looked back on all the negatives and all the positives, and so I expressed myself through these understanding words, so others can understand me.
MUSIC: Music was what inspired me to write this, because I love music, all different types of music. One common thing they have is it makes me feel like this: 
Lonely at some points
Imagine things that aren’t real
Fall and get back up
Effort is what brings you to the top.
Me time
Understanding the words
Sense the beat
In a state of forgetting time
Care about nothing else
BIO: My name is Deidra Nez, I am a Native American and from Arizona currently living on the reservation. I am a junior attending Holbrook Indian School. I love classical music, especially the violin and cello, they both have a soothing melody that fill my ears. I also like art because it was someone trying to express themselves through something very unique. Everyone has something unique, and I think they should use it to express themselves.
Thank you so much for sharing, Deidra! Post comments for this young poet below.

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