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A Writer’s Life Revealed

Why A Writer’s Life Revealed?

Ever since I started writing seriously, I’ve been fascinated with accounts of other writers’ artistic lives. Each time I read a book I love, I head to that author’s website to find out more about them. Their process. Their lives. The story of how they became writers. A Writer’s Life Revealed is a place for authors to answer some of these questions for YOU. I hope that after you read their interviews, you’ll go out and read what they’ve written. Most have published articles, blog posts, and short stories. Some have published picture books and novels. All have so much wisdom and insight to share with you!

Welcome to the live link post/home base for A Writer’s Life Revealed. Links will be added weekly.


Live Links

Week 1: Tirzah Price

Week 2: Jacqui Lipton

Week 3: Kirby Larson

Week 4: Kathryn Benson

Week 5: Dianne Matich


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