I’m Laura.










I live in Alaska with my husband, son, and puppy. I spend my days hanging out with my boy, and at night, I’m either writing or reading. 

I’ve loved reading since forever, so naturally I became a fiction writer. I graduated from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2017 and signed with my literary agent, Danielle Chiotti of Upstart Crow Literary, a couple months later.

My books are for young adult and middle grade readers and they almost always feature a Cuban character, like me, and live somewhere near mountains, also like me. 

I’m also a freelance writer. I write regularly for Mom.com, Re:Fiction, Gardener’s Path, and PickFu.

If you’ve got a writing project you need help with, check out my work with me page to see if my style of work matches your needs. You can get in touch with me there or on my contact page. 

I’ve also got a blog on here, which I’ll be updating with exciting new content very soon! 

(Stuck on how to say my last names? Here’s a tip: o-HEY-dah MEL-chore [not core like an apple, but chore like vacuuming].)


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